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What are the best flame retardant fabrics?

2023-02-03 09:10 | writer: admin

What are the best flame retardant fabrics? Flame retardant fabrics are generally divided into two types, one is the flame retardant fabric for post -processing processing, and the other is natural flame retardant fabrics. If you are talking about the flame retardant effect, of course, the best is aramid flame retardant fabric, which has a permanent flame retardant.
The characteristics of the aramid flame retardant fabric, first of all, have high -intensity performance, that is, good mechanical characteristics. The fracture intensity of aramid fabrics is higher than that of ordinary polyester, cotton, nylon, etc., with soft feel, high -color fastness, and light weight. Secondly, its high -wear -resistant and high -resistant tear performance is very excellent. The characteristics of low contraction, friction resistance, and long service life of fabrics meet the requirements of protective clothing in different fields. In terms of chemical properties, the structure is stable, and the high temperature resistance and acid and alkali of the aramid fabric cause the human body to avoid harm. Excellent flame retardant, high heat -resistant degradation performance makes it not burning when it leaves the flame, stable size, and does not fade deformation due to the conditions such as washing and friction. At the same time, it also has good thermal stability. It will not melt, burn, and melt at high temperature conditions. It is non -toxic and tasteless. When encountering high -temperature fire burning fabrics, the fabric quickly expands and thicker, forming a unique heat insulation barrier, enhanced sealing, and does not break.
The advantages of the aramid fabric collection of ordinary flame retardant fabrics are one of them, and durability and washing resistance are important advantages. Aramid fabric has permanent thermal protection, flame retardant and corrosion resistance. The fabric will not damage its excellent performance due to a long use time, and the strong decrease is small. In addition, it also has excellent anti -static electrometer, and the fabric takes into account the effect of breathable and humid insulation. We can customize the design according to customer requirements, compose protective clothing with various functions such as arc anti -electric arc, oil resistance and water, and water resistance, improve protection performance and comfort, and more suitable for industrial fire protection.

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