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What are the advantages of all cotton fire retardant fabrics

2022-08-06 18:25 | writer: admin

  100% cotton fire retardant fabric is made of 100% natural fiber cotton. It has the characteristics of breathable and moisture-permeable, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying, soft to the touch and soft luster. The protective clothing made of this fabric is very comfortable to wear, breathable and moisture-permeable, and non-irritating to the skin. It is the first choice for customers who pay attention to natural environmental protection characteristics.
  All-cotton fabrics have the characteristics of moisture retention, heat resistance, hygiene, durability, etc. All-cotton fabrics are firm and fold-resistant, and have good waterproof performance, and the intimate clothing made of this fabric is not easily deformed when folded, and sweat will not make clothes It sticks to the body and allows the skin to breathe even in hot weather.
  Among a large number of protective functional workwear fabrics, all cotton fire retardant fabrics are of relatively high quality and the price is favorable. All cotton fire retardant fabrics can not only effectively prevent the spread of flames, but also protect the original comfort properties of the fabrics after special fire retardant finishing. It has excellent durability and flame retardancy, can be washed at 60 degrees for more than 50 times, has good air permeability, soft hand feel, excellent moisture permeability, non-toxic and harmless, wear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, comfortable to wear, and its flame retardant performance conforms to GB8965- 2009, EN11611, EN11612 and other standards.
  The cotton fire retardant fabric produced by Yulong Textile has excellent flame retardant performance, and has the characteristics of good abrasion resistance, better strength, delicate and skin-friendly, green and safe, non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating. Fire retardant fabrics are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, forestry, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, coal mine, electric power, electronics and other industries to make flame retardant protective clothing and chemical protection. In addition, while the fabric is flame retardant, it can also add a protective fabric with various functions such as oil resistant and water proof acid and alkali resistant, anti-mosquito, anti-static, anti-arc, anti-ultraviolet, etc., and the various functions do not affect each other. Functional fabrics can achieve various protective effects and indicators, and are suitable for all kinds of complicated situations.

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