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Selection of fabrics for flame retardant workwear

2022-07-23 17:49 | writer: admin

Flame retardant workwear are a type of protective clothing that is widely used in personal protective equipment.
Since the quality of the fabric affects the workwear quality of the garment, the flame retardant workwear use clothing fabrics that can prevent burning to protect the human body and avoid or reduce damage. The flame retardant fabrics used in this type of clothing can greatly slow down the burning speed when in direct contact with flames, sparks and hot objects, and extinguish themselves after leaving the fire source. Even if it is already on fire, there is no need to worry, the burned part will be rapidly carbonized without dripping, melting, or piercing.
There are many kinds of fabrics used in flame retardant workwear, which are divided into durable flame retardant fabrics and permanent flame retardant fabrics. The main flame retardant fabrics used are post-finished flame retardant fabrics, such as pure cotton, polyester cotton, cotton nylon, etc; intrinsic flame retardant fabrics include aramid, macrylic cotton, etc.
High-quality flame retardant workwear should have permanent heat resistance and flame retardant properties in the selection of fabrics, and both comfort. When the flame is close to or the flame burns, it will not support combustion, reduce the risk factor, and the flame retardant function is permanent. , Washing, abrasion and so on. The performance of flame retardant workwear will not be reduced due to the influence of washing or the number of uses, and the flame retardant performance of the post-treated flame retardant fabric will be lost after multiple washings. On the basis of flame retardant properties, different industries add other physical properties of fabrics, such as: oil-proof and waterproof, anti static, arc proof, acid alkali proof and flame retardant fabrics.
  Workwear made of flame retardant fabrics are widely used in oil fields, petrochemicals, gas stations, chemical industries, firefighting, welding, mining, etc.
The comfort, flame retardancy and high temperature shrinkage of flame retardant workwear are equally important. Only by integrating these three functions can flame retardant workwear fabrics provide better protection for users. No matter what kind of fabric is selected, it needs to be comprehensively considered according to the nature of use. The flame retardant performance of flame retardant workwear must meet the industry's requirements for flame retardant workwear. In the event of fire, it can protect the wearer. , but also the comfort of wearing.

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