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Advantages of aramid IIIA fabrics instead of other fabrics

2022-07-16 17:22 | writer: admin

  Fire hazards are everywhere and directly endanger human health. In order to reduce the resulting harm to human life and property safety, flame retardant fabrics, especially aramid IIIA fabrics, have received more attention. The aramid fabric can achieve flame retardant effect without post-treatment. The natural color of aramid fiber has the function of flame retardant. It is flame retardant but not inflammable, which means that it can be extinguished by itself without the flame.
  Nomex IIIA fabric is an internationally renowned intrinsically flame-retardant and anti-static material. Its composition contains 93% meta-aramid , 5% para-aramid and 2 % of anti static fibers, of which Nomex fibers have good thermal resistance and flame retardancy; Kevlar fibers have good flame retardancy and heat resistance, and are characterized by high strength, the same weight of Kevlar strength is about steel wire. 3 times; anti-static fiber has excellent performance in preventing the generation and dissipation of static electricity.
  The flame retardant effect of ordinary flame retardant fabrics is not washable, and foreign high-end flame retardant fabrics are expensive and have poor softness. The domestic aramid IIIA fabric is made of Nomex1313/Nomex1414/conductive fiber blended with chemical fiber fabric in the proportion of 93%/5%/2%. It has high strength, tear resistance, wear resistance, and excellent high temperature fire resistance. The performance of replacing foreign brand fabrics is not much different, and the price is cheaper than them.
  The protective clothing made of domestic aramid IIIA fabrics instead of Nomex fabrics is widely used in many industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, gas, fire fighting, racing, electric power, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation and many other industries because of its excellent comprehensive protective performance. . Aramid IIIA fabric has a permanent flame-retardant effect, high temperature resistance, no melting, burning and dripping; when exposed to high temperature, it is rapidly carbonized, the fabric thickens, and the density becomes thinner, forming a unique thermal insulation barrier. In addition, the characteristics of aramid IIIA fabric are acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, friction resistance, and long service life (6 times that of ordinary flame retardant cotton); the addition of antistatic fiber also has anti static effect, and aramid fiber IIIA fabrics can be enhanced by adding waterproof, oil-proof, stain-proof and other multifunctional enhancements. In particular, the aramid IIIA fabric produced by our Yulong Textile has bright and stable colors, high color fastness, and will not fade due to washing, friction, etc.; dimensionally stable, will not be deformed by washing; good air permeability, light weight, and good comfort. The main specifications are 4.5 oz, 5.5 oz, 6.0 oz, 6.5oz 7.0 oz, 7.5oz, etc. We can also produce other aramid blended chemical fiber fabric ratios or fabrics of various specifications according to customer needs.

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