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What is Flame Retardant Fabric?

2022-06-18 17:39 | writer: admin

  Among all fire hazards, textiles getting burnt are more due to its widespread use. Majority of fire accidents are associated with the burning of textiles. Cellulosics that is commonly used in garments are comfortable, but are more prone to inflammability.
  A flame retardant fabric is a special kind of technical fabric that avoids fire spreading. The special feature is that its flame-retardant features reside in its composition materials and  modify the propagation of flame.Flame retardant fabrics fibres are treated with a chemical which minimizes the fabrics flammability and makes it almost non-combustible. When a fire occurs,  ultimately slows down the burning speed of the fabric.
  These fabrics possess great tensile strength, cut resistance, and even higher abrasion resistance and durability.Flame retardant fabrics are used in a variety of applications like industrial work wear, uniforms for fire fighters, military pilots suit, war-combat dress, tent fabric, parachute fabric, professional motor racing apparel etc. A flame retardant fabric protects the wearer against fires, and electrical arcs etc.
  Flame resisting garments reduce the possibility of an incipient fire or flame from spading and becoming a conflagration. They are set up with a thermal barrier to reduce the flames spreading, to reduce after burns, and allow some time for the people to escape from the burning environment. It protects the user only for a limited time. Flame retardant fabrics produces a non-combustible gas that prohibits the ignition and spread of fire.It also reduces the toxic smoke and fumes. Deaths during a fire accident are more likely to be caused by smoke inhalation than the actual fire itself.

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