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The performance of modacrylic cotton flame retardant fabric

2022-06-11 17:51 | writer: admin

  Modacrylic cotton flame retardant fabric is made of a kind of modified acrylic fiber with its own flame retardant properties and cotton blend. The blending ratio of modacrylic cotton can be adjusted according to the needs to achieve different flame retardant effects. The composition is modacrylic/cotton 80/20, 60/40, 55/45, modacrylic/cotton/static silk 60/38/2. The outstanding flame retardant properties of modacrylic cotton fabrics will not decrease with time and washing times. The modacrylic cotton flame retardant fabric produced by our company is suitable for the multi-functional needs of industrial protection and fire protection clothing, and has been widely used in petrochemical, electric power and gas industries. Its performance can reach EN11612, EN11611, NFPA2112, ASTM and other standards tested by TUV, SGS and other authoritative institutions.
  The outstanding flame retardant properties of modacrylic cotton are particularly outstanding. Modacrylic is a kind of fiber resin, which is a flame-retardant intrinsically flame-retardant fiber, and has the ability to self-extinguish instantly after leaving the fire source. Unlike post-treatment flame retardant processing, the flame retardancy will not decline and disappear with the increase of washing times. The flame-retardant modacrylic cotton is directly carbonized without melting after burning, and the carbonized part prevents continuous burning, and the burning stops immediately after the fire source leaves. At the same time, it is different from molten fibers such as polyester. It will not melt after burning, and the molten droplets adhere to the skin, which is safe and reliable for the human body.
  Flame retardant modacrylic cotton has extremely high chemical resistance and acid resistance not only to acid and alkali, but also to general organic and inorganic chemicals. Modacrylic cotton flame retardant fabric also has the advantages of anti-arc, anti-metal spatter, anti-welding spark, anti-static performance, excellent comfort and washability, excellent mechanical and wear resistance.
  Modacrylic fabric has the skin-friendly, hygroscopic and breathable properties of cotton fabrics. It feels smooth to the touch, has wool-like color and warmth, has good elasticity, and is resistant to pilling. The fabric is soft, light, fluffy, and bright in color. , High color fastness characteristics.        Flame retardant modacrylic vinyl is a very soft and moisturizing fiber. The upper body of the fabric is comfortable and warm, beautiful and high-end, with high strength, washing resistance, tear resistance, strong heat resistance and light resistance. Flame retardant modacrylic cotton chloride can still exert its excellent flame retardant effect after being mixed with other flammable fibers, and is suitable for blending or interweaving with various fibers such as cotton, viscose and nylon. According to different uses, it can be spun pure or blended with natural fibers, and is widely used in clothing, various decoration and industrial fields.

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