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Application advantages of Nomex iiia fire retardant coverall

2021-12-31 17:35 | writer: admin

With the improvement of the safety protection awareness of the whole society, the people's requirements for the protective performance and comfort of clothing will also increase. Nomex iiia fire retardant coverall has a good application prospect. Aramid fabrics are not incombustible. When they burn, their droplets are significantly reduced, and they are self-extinguishing. It improves the performance of the fabric without affecting the flame-retardant properties of the fabric. It is suitable for protective clothing, flame-retardant tooling, and flame-retardant household products. And other fields.
The characteristics and advantages of aramid fabrics are obvious, especially the permanent flame-retardant effect. The intrinsic flame-retardant fiber has high breaking strength, large elongation, comfortable hand feeling, no softening, no melting, only carbonization at high temperature, and the concentration of smoke when burning. Low and low heat. Therefore, the aramid fabric has good mechanical properties, excellent high temperature resistance, fire resistance and flame retardancy, and it is resistant to washing. The aramid fabric has good flame retardancy after repeated washing, and has good dimensional stability and wearability. .
From a functional point of view, flame retardant and antistatic have become the basic requirements for safety protective clothing in many industries, and the demand for comfort is becoming stronger. Nomex iiia fire retardant coverall have composite functions and stylish designs. While ensuring that the garment has permanent flame retardancy and improving the level of protection, it also greatly improves wearing comfort.Nomex iiia fire retardant coverall still meet the flame-retardant standard after washing 100 times. Aramid fabric combines the advantages of ordinary flame-retardant fabrics. Durability and washing resistance are very important advantages. It has good tear resistance and is suitable for higher temperatures. surroundings. Front zipper, large pocket capacity, movable folds on the back for easy movement, flame-retardant thread double-thread sewing, and double-thread reinforcement for stress points. Nomex iiia fire retardant coverall colors, styles and sizes can be customized according to user needs. The importance of safety protective clothing gives people precious time to avoid or reduce harm to the human body.
The fabric has excellent high temperature resistance and flame retardant properties, and has good thermal stability. Nomex iiia fire retardant coverall are widely used in special protection such as forest fire protection clothing, fire protection clothing, combat training clothing, flight clothing, arc protection clothing, racing clothing, etc. , It does not melt in case of fire, can be directly carbonized, and has a soft texture, non-toxic, odorless, and good processability. It is suitable for industrial work clothes such as machinery, construction, coal mines, steelmaking, oil, natural gas, and automobiles. Especially the high strength, high modulus, and high temperature resistance of aramid fabrics can be used in protective equipment such as bulletproof clothing. Nomex 3A fabric combines excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, flame retardant, anti-static, high strength, etc., and its safety performance is more outstanding. After multiple washings, it does not affect the flame retardant effect. It can withstand high temperature impact of 300 ℃, and the fabric is more durable. It has been widely used in fire protection and industrial protective clothing.
Nomex iiia fire retardant coverall produced by Yulong Textile have strict quality standards and requirements in all aspects from the selection of fabric functions to customized design and production. We are a professional manufacturer. A piece of work clothes is produced in full flow from production to shipment. Quality and cost-effective.

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