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Selection and performance requirements of flame retardant coverall

2021-12-18 18:04 | writer: admin

  Choosing flame retardant coveralls require a full understanding of the potential risks and factors considered in the selection process. Performance and design often help determine whether materials and clothing meet minimum requirements. Not all products that meet these requirements have the same level of performance, their costs are not the same, and they do not prove to be suitable for all work scenarios. Therefore, the importance of other factors should be used in addition, such as comfort, cost, usability, and user preference.
   According to the product type of flame retardant coveralls, the flame retardant coveralls market can be divided into two categories: inherently flame retardant coveralls and treated flame retardant coveralls. According to the end use of flame retardant coveralls, the flame retardant coveralls market is segmented into clothing for oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, power, electronics and electrical, automotive and transportation, construction and other application scenarios.
  Flame retardant coveralls are an important personal protective equipment. When the clothing is in direct contact with flames and hot objects, it will be carbonized to form an isolation layer and slow down the spread of flames, thereby protecting the human body from various injuries.             Protection and safety should be considered first. Flame retardant coveralls should have excellent protection standards and protection levels, and put functionality in the first place. Its flame retardancy means that it can restrain the spread of flame when it encounters special high temperature or flame, and once the fire source is evacuated, it can extinguish itself immediately. The most serious burns in a fire often occur from injuries caused by the burning of clothing, so the flame retardancy of protective coverall is very important.
  The second is good wear resistance and durability. Flame retardant coveralls are suitable for various complex activities carried out by the rescue workers on the fire scene. Therefore, flame retardant coveralls are required to have excellent washing resistance, soft hand feel, can be used repeatedly for a long time, comfortable, light, and beneficial to human activities. In addition, it has good air and moisture permeability, non-toxic, odorless and non-irritating, environmental protection and sanitation, safe and reliable for the human body. Flame retardant coveralls are in wide demand, mainly used in petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, fire fighting, military and other fields, as well as places with open flames, sparks, molten metals and flammable substances.
  Yulong Textile's flame retardant coveralls not only has comprehensive safety protection, but also embodies a diversified design. It has both protective functions and comfortable and beautiful features. Its flame-retardant, washable and melt-resistant properties , Moisture permeability and strength are better. The flame retardant coveralls produced by the company has strict quality standards and requirements in all aspects from the selection of fabric functions to customized design and production to ensure better flame-retardant performance and service life. Our flame retardant coveralls not only have good flame retardancy, but also increases your comfort and protection, and can protect workers from fire-related hazards.

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