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Faced with The Epidemic, What can We Do?

2020-04-17 15:02 | writer: admin

From the end of the year to the present, we have been paying attention to the coronavirus epidemic, especially the number of confirmed cases in the world has skyrocketed. In this regard, we have also summarized the previous experience of some Chinese partners, hoping to help other partners.
1. Self-isolation is the safest measure In this epidemic, it has been repeatedly emphasized: self-isolation, self-isolation. Avoid being infected, and also avoid becoming a new source of transmission. When we have some symptoms that are similar to the epidemic, we must calm down and do n’t panic first. As the hospital with the most concentrated patients, it was unsafe during the outbreak. Therefore, in many cases we must remain rational and judge whether I have been in close contact with patients? If I do n’t have close contact, then I do n’t need to go to the hospital for risk. Self-isolation observation is the best. Is my symptom common cold or flu? The winter and spring seasons are originally cold-prone periods, and many people may just have a cold and need to isolate themselves for about 14 days. According to the example published by Academician Zhong Nanshan, the incubation period of this new coronavirus is about 14 days. That is to say, most infected people will show symptoms during this period of time. 
After this date, most cases do not need to worry. We have ruled out and then went to the hospital. Otherwise, it is not wise for us to be involved in danger.
isolation coverall
2. Pay attention to healthy life every day, especially daily hygiene. In fact, in many cases, we do not do very well in terms of sanitation and cleaning, such as disinfection of daily necessities, and washing hands normally. In this epidemic, we are constantly learning all kinds of knowledge, and we are really working hard to implement it seriously, such as washing hands carefully, and we must pay attention to disinfection of clothes and daily necessities.
3. Preparedness should be a daily operation. Due to the spread of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in the world, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine and other countries have announced the suspension of some grain exports, and there have been "hoards of grain" in many places in China. Japanese toilet papers have appeared. So much so that there has been a wave of panic buying around the world. Therefore, in the future, some daily necessities and storable food should be kept in the home. In addition, a part of medical masks, disposable protective isolation clothing, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials can be hoarded.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level epidemic prevention material guarantee enterprise, and has the second-class medical device operation record certificate, record number: Yuxin City Supervision Equipment Management Preparation 20200213. Our company produces and sells disposable protective clothing, disposable shoe covers, etc., and sells disposable medical masks, N95 masks, infrared thermometers, surgical gowns and other medical materials. I believe that in the end we will definitely defeat the virus, and we hope that everyone can achieve the best risk confrontation within their own capabilities.

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