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Yulong Casual Work Pants with High Praise by Americans Customers

2019-11-26 14:45 | writer: admin

This month, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd received three Americans customers to check the finished products, which placed an order of casual work pants.
casual work pants
Three months ago, we first contact this customer; this purchaser operates a supermarket for local consumers, specializing in all kinds of casual work pants. In the continuous communication with customers, we recommend our best-selling casual work pants, which are simple in design, characterized by high color fastness and abrasion resistance etc. After the communication of the style, the confirmation of the color, price sample, the customer finally signed the production contract with us last month, and finished the first batch of products this month. This time the customer came to check our factory's production capacity and product quality.
Accompanied by the salesman, the customer inspected each link of our garment production with salesman's detailed explanation, from fabric cutting to the final product entering the warehouse. In the process of finished product inspection, the customer asked our quality inspector to examine the various quality indicators of the work pants in detail, and to test the physical properties of the fabric such as strength and color fastness. The final test indexes all met the customer's requirements. After acceptance, the customer showed high approval for our products, and repeatedly emphasized that this is only the first step of our cooperation, and there will be more cooperation opportunities in the future
Our salesman will continue to follow up this customer, and the customer's order will soon be arranged for shipment. After that, we will follow up the market reaction of this batch of casual work pants, for better cooperation with customers.

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