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Why are bomber jackets so popular in autumn and winter?

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The popular style every autumn and winter is the bomber jackets. It was originally a jacket specially designed for pilots. The earliest source is the military uniform of the U.S. Army. The reason is that it is famous for its practicality from a historical and cultural perspective as well as from a practical perspective. Sturdy and durable, it can be regarded as the king of versatile items.

The lightweight air force jacket can be innovative in terms of silhouette, color and details, and integrate into fashion trends. The jacket has a classic silhouette, a baseball collar, and a simple shape, making it more flexible. The genderless design is mature and stable without losing a sense of leisure. temperament.

The bomber jackets launched by Yulong Textile, which symbolizes timeless classics, is made of wear-resistant fabrics. The thickened cotton lining continues the pure high visibility orange design, making it more warm and cold-proof. The jacket adopts a knitted rib collar that fits the neck, knitted cuffs, and combined arm pockets. It has an original American retro feel, focusing on quality and craftsmanship and being cost-effective.

The fabric of the jacket is soft and delicate to the touch, and the filling inside has the functions of heat preservation, lightness, windproof, and good resilience after washing. The bomber jackets use a quilted lining, which greatly improves warmth and creates a warm atmosphere. The details on the garment are well executed, and the center zipper closure provides wind protection and warmth. Knitted small stand-up collar, the collar knitted from wool can fit tightly around the neck to keep warm. The cuffs and hem are also knitted. Because they are reinforced with elastic fibers, they are elastic and durable. The knitted cuffs can be tightened around the wrist to prevent wind from entering through the cuffs. There is a combination pocket on the left arm of the garment, which consists of a zippered pocket and a pencil case. The clothing is full of features and focuses on the sense of wear to enhance the user’s outdoor experience.

The style of bomber jackets tends to be a combination of functionality and hip-hop. Generally speaking, the colors are mainly dark green, black, and blue. Nowadays, more and more casual and free dressing styles are advocated. The shape and drape will appear more loose and lazy, showing charm. The style is a bit monotonous. The bomber jackets can usually be paired with shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc., and jeans, overalls, and leggings are all very suitable underneath. It is no longer a military uniform in the simple sense. The bomber jackets have become an indispensable classic item in fashion trends and is loved by many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts at home and abroad.

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