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When human body activities,between skin with clothing and between clothing with clothing rub against each other,will generate static electricity.Cold and dry winter weather,people used to wear chemical fiber cotton-padded jacket,the electrostatic charge will be absorb and accumulate by human body,with the progress of life the electrification degree is higher and higher,except that,the walls and floors mostly are insulators,so it more susceptible to electrostatic interference.

In order to prevent the occurrence of static electricity,maintain a certain humidity in air is very important,so mop the floor,watering or with humidifier humidification are all good way.But for some special industries,such as drilling platform,gas station,petroleum refining and so on other industry,their daily work are mostly in outdoor,so in this an environment to ensure that the body’s own electrostatic insulation is very important.

Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD., specializing in the production of flame retardant fabric more than ten years,our company produces the fire retardant anti-static fabrics,the antistatic performance can be achieved EN1149 standards.Our factory production of a permanent antistatic fabrics,according to the different static wire the anti-static divided into two different types,one type is used Stainless steel fiber and cotton,Polyester/cotton fiber blended to production;Othe one type is flushbonading,it is flareout join the conductive filament in the fabric warp and weft to the interval distance.The protective clothing made by this kind of fabric can effectively avoid charge gather,make the charge timely discharge or electric leakage,to avoid the occurrence of burning explosion accident,is petrochemical, coal, war industry, precision instruments, aerospace and other fields of ideal choice.Antistatic performance can be achieved GB12014, GB12703, EN1149-1,EN1149-3 standard.After many years of experience and research,we can add flame retardant, water &oil repellent, acid and alkali, and other functions according to the customer requirement,each functions shall not affect,and all can achieve their corresponding international standards.

We wholeheartedly for your service,what you think is what we do,your demand is our development power,Xinxiang yulong textile co., LTD. Look forward to cooperation with you.

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