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Winter antistatic, cold proof and flame retardant one-piece clothing

NEWS 3270

Yulong textile is used by a professional garment plate making design team. We independently develop and design work clothes suitable for workers according to the working characteristics of different types of work and the comfort and convenience of human activities.

This winter anti-static, cold proof and flame retardant one-piece suit adopts safe and environment-friendly high-quality anti-static and flame retardant fabrics, which is comfortable, breathable, harmless and environment-friendly. The anti-static and cold proof one-piece clothes in winter are reliable in quality and durable.

Details of antistatic and flame retardant one-piece clothing:

1. The hat is linked on the collar by a four button button, which can be removed or folded at will and installed in the collar for warmth preservation. Rubber cord inside the brim adjusts the tightness, and two Velcro stickers are closed to adjust the size, windproof and warm.

2. Two patch pockets at the front chest, with inclined corners and bag covers, pressing double open lines, and metal zipper closure. The front door is double closed zipper to the front chest width, with three five claw buttons under the collar and waist section closed, which is convenient and practical. The front door flap is windproof and covers the zipper, windproof and warm.

3. A 4cm waist belt is added to the waist section, and the tightness of both sides of the back waist can adjust the size of the waist, which is suitable for more people of different sizes.

The back pocket of the pants is provided with a bag cover, and the five claw buckle is closed. The bag cover is 1cm larger than the pocket to prevent debris from flying into the pocket. The hip pocket is a double open line patch bag.

4. There is a reflective tape on the shoulder, sleeve and leg, with a single open line. More eye-catching and safe. The back has a movable back to facilitate the extension of the wearer’s arms.

Shoulder seam, sleeve cage, five lines, three open lines. Beautiful stitching and enhanced firmness. The cuffs are naturally crimped and the five claw buckle is closed.

5. The two bottom buttons of the cuff can adjust the size of the cuff according to the different needs of the wearer, which is convenient and practical. Double open stitches are sewn on the outside of the pants, which is beautiful and firm.

The two sides of the trousers are obliquely inserted bags. There is a patch bag with a bag cover on the right side of the wearer’s leg, and the four button button is closed. The whole dress is padded with cotton and quilted with grid line, which is comfortable and warm. There is an inner bag in the left and right chest to place important items.

The flame retardant clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. can not burn in case of fire, self extinguish when leaving the fire and have no melting drops. The flame retardant protective clothing produced by us can effectively prevent the spread of flame and maintain the original nature of the fabric. Its performance fully meets the requirements of EU standards. It can be washed for 100 times. It can also treat the formaldehyde content according to customer requirements, with a small content of 50ppm. With en11611, en11612, en14116, en61482, ASTM f1959, nfpa2112 and other certificates, it is suitable for metallurgy, casting, welding, electric power, chemical industry, machinery, forestry, fire protection and other industries.

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