Guests Shrinkage requestments for functional woven fabric

2019-03-06 16:52 | writer: admin

According to clients different requests for functional woven fabrics , the shrinkage rate of the fabric also have different standrads , below are brief introduction :
1. National Standard is +-3% , It is to measure the dimensional change of the fabric after washing under the national standard washing condition. The fabric is tiled and dried. This standard is often used for the domestic fabric standard. This pre-shrinking is easy to reach. 
2. American standard +-3%, Then its need to measure the fabric dimension change after washing under american standard washing condition, Commonly used drum drying, there are 1 wash 1 bake, 3 wash 3 bake, 5 wash 5 bake, this standard is often used for fabrics exported to Europe and the United States, the width requirement is based on the width of the finished product, Expect the grey fabric width can reach the required worp direction shrinkage rate , When the warp is pre-shrinked, it is necessary to achieve a large amount of shrinkage to achieve the desired warp shrinkage.
3. Industrial washing 5 times , according to the temperature required by the guests such as 75 ° or 90 ° temperature corresponding washing method, 5 wash 5 baking, drying in the industrial washing machine to test the dimensional changes, this standard is often used in large factories, and the industry that uses industrial washing machines to wash work suits. When the fabric is pre-shrinked, it needs 1 wash and 1 bake to reach +1% or more to reach the standard.
4. There are some industrial use flame retardant fabric and other functional protective fabric ,like used for machines , required lower shrinkage rate , then can use customers’ standard, or do not assessed  the shrinkage rate.
Hope according to clients different requests , well known the standards , choose different standard to serve guests .

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