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The difference between waterproof fabric and water repellent fabric

2021-02-07 10:07 | writer: admin

What is the difference between waterproof and water repellent, and how do they use grades? These two words are often confusing and unclear. Let me introduce them to you! The difference between the waterproof and water-repellent oil- and water-repellent fabrics produced by Yulong Textile in Xinxiang City, how are they expressed in grades? These two words are often confusing and unclear. Let me introduce them to you! Water repellent, also known as water repellent, English is WATER RESISTANT; in most cases, it is achieved by coating, and usually on the outer layer of the fabric. It means that the surface of the fabric has a very low surface tension. After the water droplets fall, the tension on the surface of the fabric is very large, which causes the surface of the water droplets to shrink and become spherical and unable to spread out, so it quickly takes the form of water droplets. Sliding off the fabric.
Waterproof, English is WATERPROOF;, in most cases, laminated (film) materials are used, and there are also various treatments such as capsule fibers, compact fabrics, and siliconization, and they are usually in the inner layer of the fabric. In terms of specific performance, it can be distinguished from two aspects:
1. Waterproof products should be more durable than water-repellent products, and have more stable physical and chemical properties. Waterproof products usually will not fail due to washing and long-term use.
 2. Waterproof products should have a higher water pressure resistance index than water-repellent products, usually at least 3000MM. Applied to the specific function of clothing, the main function of water repellent treatment is to reduce the absorption of water by the fabric, so that the water can be pushed away on the surface of the fabric. Waterproof treatment is a very good impermeable barrier, no matter whether the fabric absorbs water or not, it keeps water out. Waterproof products are tested for water pressure resistance, while water repellent is tested for rain. The latter is generally not coated. It uses super water repellent additives and its additives are mainly organic fluorine compounds.
The garment fabrics produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd., which have been treated with water and oil repellent technology, form a hydrophobic function on the surface of the fabric as if water rolls on the lotus leaf. At the same time, it has oil-repellent properties and has been treated. The fabric still retains the original characteristics of the original fabric, and the treated garment is easier to clean. All kinds of protective clothing made of oil- and water-repellent fabrics are suitable for workers who are frequently exposed to oil and water as labor protective clothing.

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