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Milk tea-a cup of warmth in winter

2020-12-07 17:18 | writer: admin

Today, December 7, 2020, we have one of the twenty-four solar terms, heavy snow. It's so cold in the morning, but after entering the company, we received hot milk tea prepared by the big leader for us. Special thanks to our leaders!
 A cup of milk tea, happiness takes off. Drinking milk tea is good, and motivation is indispensable. Drink more milk tea, full of energy and more. Warm as spring, our story begins with a cup of milk tea:
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has been established for 19 years. During this period, we can see the scenes of pioneering, innovative and hard work of Yulong people almost every day. We can deeply feel the perseverance of Yulong people. , Selfless dedication, dedication, love of work, and the spirit of forging ahead. Whether in work, life, study, or in other areas, no matter who encounters various difficulties, at this time, colleagues and subordinates are not only colleagues, leaders, but friends, relatives, and elders. Yulong Enterprise is a big family full of humanity, warmth and love. At work, we are serious, rigorous, and meticulous. In life, we love each other, express our hearts, and be positive. The character and strength of the enterprise, the spirit of co-progress between the enterprise and the individual, and the spirit of continuous transcendence make us firmly believe that unity is strength. The big Yulong family is constantly surpassing the past, transforming, and climbing to the top. We always believe that as far as the mind is, we have the confidence to let Yulong go.
Drink a cup of warm milk tea, listen to our stories, want to join our big family? You can contact us.

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